Welcome to Freedom Church Spur, the perfect place for imperfect people doing the perfect will of God. A place where you can be you, no judgement, no condemnation, only the love of Christ. We believe that Christ died so that we may live, and have life more abundantly. Welcome to a real place with real people who have real relationships, because fake people make fake relationships. 

Our Vision

To be the light in the dark, to reach out to the lost, those who are sick, hurting, or in need. To foster growth and discipleship, born from the love of Christ. It is our desire to be the love in the world that Christ commanded us to be. We are a church family that is passionate about Christ, have a relationship with Him that understands sonship, and it our desire to foster that same passion inside of the community that we serve. We understand that servitude is placing Christ and others above ourselves, and we will be equipped and ready to share the good news of the Kingdom to those in our community and beyond. 

Our Story

Freedom Church began in Feb. of 2009 with a handful of people that shared a common vision: to create a church that serves and impacts its community, where people's lives are radically changed through Jesus Christ. It was founded by Pastor Kevin Keltz who helped to foster growth in Freedom Church until the time he was called away to Houston, Texas where he continues to grow people's faith. Pastor David Zarate received the blessing of being the Pastor of Freedom Church in June of 2016. Freedom Church maintains its vision today, providing food, guidance, and support for the community. We remain active and involved in all levels of our community and will continue to be the love that this world needs.



Freedom Church provides not only Sunday services at 10:30 am, but also has a children's ministry on Wednesdays at 5:30 and youth services on Wednesdays at 6:00. We feed all of our children on Wednesdays and also partner with other churches in the community to provide Meals-on-Wheels for those who are in need. We also offer men's and women's ministry. Our team of dedicated leaders are here to help and serve.